Fans promised 100 season tickets

Last updated : 18 March 2010 By Team Talk

Hoyle said: "If we are able, one day, to be promoted to the Premier League and I'm still chairman, then every fan who has been a season-ticket holder in either the 2008/09 or 2009/10 seasons and then continued each year from 2010/11, will be able to share in that success and will be rewarded for that loyal and unstinting support.

"They will be truly special. Each of them will be able purchase a season-ticket for the first season in the Premier League for just £100.

"Of course nothing is guaranteed and we might not make it, but the fans know we have the ambition, determination and resources."

Meanwhile, scans have confirmed Lee Novak has not torn any ligaments, but he will be out for a fortnight after sustaining a knee injury in last week's home defeat to Norwich.

Source: Team Talk

Source: Team Talk